Asa medical

Revolutionizing Regulatory Science and Compliance for Medical Product and Service Registration

Clinet : Government Department
Objective : The primary objective was to modernize and streamline the regulatory and compliance framework for new drugs, medical devices, and medical services. This initiative aimed to make these innovations widely accessible to enhance the overall health of the nation.


  • Approach: Our approach involved the establishment of a dedicated
    consultation unit, the development of innovative registration processes
    and guidelines, and the creation of a cutting-edge countrywide esubmission system.
  • Outcome: As a direct outcome of these transformative efforts, the
    accessibility of groundbreaking medical innovations, such as COVID rapid
    tests, was significantly improved. This initiative not only stimulated
    economic growth in Thailand but also garnered substantial attention from
    international stakeholders. With more than 40,000 annual submissions for
    the registration of medical devices, drugs, and vaccines, Thailand’s
    regulatory landscape was thoroughly modernized, ensuring the nation’s
    access to the latest advancements in healthcare

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