Forging Profitable Medical Tourism Alliances: A Journey to Attracting International Patients

Clinet : A Private Beauty Clinic
Objective : To boost revenue by expanding the client base to include international patients, particularly from China


  • Approach: We undertook a strategic endeavor, encompassing the
    identification and establishment of a valuable partnership with a International
    entity. Additionally, we devised an efficient process for seamless patient
    flow, determined competitive pricing structures, and executed a
    comprehensive PR campaign.
  • Outcome: Our efforts bore fruit with the successful establishment of a
    strategic partnership with a prominent International organization. This
    collaboration not only facilitated a joint PR campaign but also enabled the
    clinic to implement a pricing strategy that resulted in even higher profit
    margins than those achieved with domestic patients. As a result, the clinic
    now receives a steady influx of International patients on a monthly basis,
    marking a significant milestone in its journey towards sustainable growth
    and international recognition.

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